They are proud and wilful, but they are true-hearted, generous in thought and deed; bold but not cruel; wise but unlearned, writing no books but singing many songs, after the manner of the children of Men before the Dark Years. — The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

This site belongs to The Rohirrim - the open for all kinship of Rohan - and every member is allowed to write here. The Muster of Rohan is a series of roleplaying events open for all rohirrim on Laurelin forming an Eored held previously held once every 5-8 weeks. We do not use a forum. The Quest is a number of letters sent to Erkenbrand from his son Therowan which describe the Epic campaign series as experienced by a handful members of The Rohirrim.


Muster of Rohan, part III: Sharkey's Men

The third event in the Rohirric campaign. The event will start monday September 1st 2008 at 1900 hrs BST (British summertime) and 2000 hrs CST (central european summertime) in a ruin on Eastern Breefields with a campsite.

Previous events
The Rohirrim have arrived into Breeland via Bruinen and Rhudaur sent out by Erkenbrand, the aging now former Marshal of the Mark (Muster of Rohan). While not suspecting Théoden King of in any way having lost control - the king's son Théodred is still patrolling the green hills of the Mark - Erkenbrand sense the immediate need to clear out who is Master of the 'White Hand Orcs'; naturally it cannot be the old ally Saruman, but someone hiding his true nature behind Saruman's well-known symbol. And tracks lead north into Eriador.

Rohirrim living in exile in and around Bree learn that a handfull of 'Horselords' of the south have arived to the lands. One by one, some decide to search for the rumoured Eored. Why have the come? Has war broken out at home? Is Théoden King alive and well? Are they simply new fugitives from the homeland after having commited some hideous crime? The Eored have continued to the Weahtherhills, east of the city of Bree. During their ride Thérowan, son of Erkenbrand, and his Eorlingas have thus recieved unforeseen reinforcements in form of exiled kinsmen.

The growing Eored is camping in the Eastern Breefields. Numerous orccamps in the region have been razed to the ground. In the last attack evidence of a traitor, possibly from Rohan and working as an agent for Saruman, was found in forms of orders he was delivering to the orcs. The orders need to be translated from some foul orc lagnuage to reveal more of Sarumans schemes in the north. Meanwhile rumours of the traitor living with the brigands in Chetwood have reached the Eored, and among them Freiwyn, who was stabbed by the traitor and left for dead, is looking for revenge.

The Event
We start at the camp with some swimming by the lake and awaiting word from a man helping out with reading the captured orders from Nan Watheren. The growing Eored then mounts up and rides to Combe and then further into Chetwood with a guide leading them to the Brigands outposts in Chetwood looking for signs of the traitor. Traces lead away from Chetwood and the Bree outsits and into the west. Somewhere near a little village of Oatbarton brigands have settled in and driving away the 'little folk' from their homes. The closest way there would supposedly be across some river named Brandywine, and then to the north. Hopefully we get the chance to meet some live little folk (whatever that is!) on our way to the new brigand lair.

Non Rohan characters
We are hoping to get a guide into Chetwood that will most likely be a Rohirrim. When riding into the Shire, however, we hope to get in touch with the growing Hobbit community, hopefully some bouders and an occational fisherman pointing the way. We very much hope for some planned interaction with the bounders allthough that has not yet been arranged when I write this. We will set up a time when we will come to the Bridge and we will be there on time.

Well met!

Son of Erkenbrand

PS 1. Sharkey is the name Saruman goes by in the Shire after having been banished from Isengard, which has not yet to come, as we all know (allthough it can allready be seen in Galadriel's Mirror in Lothlorien). Hence the name of the event 'Sharkey's men should not be taken literally. The name only reflects that we are moving into the Shire and dealing with Sarumans henchmen.

PS 2. People have gotten this right by now but I ad it for possible newcomers.
To try and get rid of the 'classical lotro looks' we will use [i]round shields[/i]. Those who have other shileds - even 'horsehead decorated' ones - will get replacements as long as there is enough in stock. I also wish for people to [i]drop the most significant high level cloaks [/i] when joining on this type of events. Having Hammers, the Tree of Gondor and what not on the cloak does only painfully remind us (at least me and I guess otheres as well) of the limited line of gear there are in game. Get a new rag on you back, please, or just leave the one you own in your backback. ;)
We also [i]leave the bow/crossbow at home[/i] on mounted assautls. We arent going to hunt for food, nor 'pull' anything.

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