They are proud and wilful, but they are true-hearted, generous in thought and deed; bold but not cruel; wise but unlearned, writing no books but singing many songs, after the manner of the children of Men before the Dark Years. — The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

This site belongs to The Rohirrim - the open for all kinship of Rohan - and every member is allowed to write here. The Muster of Rohan is a series of roleplaying events open for all rohirrim on Laurelin forming an Eored held previously held once every 5-8 weeks. We do not use a forum. The Quest is a number of letters sent to Erkenbrand from his son Therowan which describe the Epic campaign series as experienced by a handful members of The Rohirrim.


The Muster of Rohan

On arriving to Eriador along the river Bruinen a group of Eorlingas met up with Théorowan's Eored and guided them in their chase for the orks of the White Hand.

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