They are proud and wilful, but they are true-hearted, generous in thought and deed; bold but not cruel; wise but unlearned, writing no books but singing many songs, after the manner of the children of Men before the Dark Years. — The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

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Report to Erkenbrand III: Brownrobe sent us astray.

Dear Father,

Many a moon have passed over the dark trees in the shadow of the Old Kingdom of the North, or shall I say the Fallen Kingdom of the North, since I sent my last report. Few good news can I pass on to you in this letter which I write in the old ruins of Esteldin, an outpost against the enemy in the north. Ill tidings, though, I have in abundance.

First and foremost. Radagast Brownrobe, a friend your friend Gandalf Greymane you sent me to meet, has wasted months of our time. His entire presence in the region is an utter disaster for man and horse, indeed for all inhabitants in this frightful region. He cares only for trees and birds and fooled me to help him out cleareing a sick red swamp from its longfanged orcs only to see him spare the life of their leader. I have no words for his terrible treachery, had he been less old and wrinkled I would have cut off his head myself. Sparing his life he sent us in the wrong direction in our search for the only sensible man up I met up here, Strider, who lead the Rangers.

I have now, at last, found out that Strider stays in Rivendell, at the House of Elrond Halfelven. The information cost us not days, nor weeks but months of constant raiding of orc outposts around Esteldin trying to help the rangers´while waiting for a trace of thier absent leader Strider. We have even acted as voice of the rangers inviting elves and dwarves to some council where theese people hope to rearrange their defenses in a more fashionable, or suitable, way. They need it. There is not a single fort, tower or outpost that can withstand the machines of war that I have seen the orcs bring in from the north. The orcs use trolls for oxes and goblins ride on mansized wargs. I would need three full Eoreds to clear this up. They have none. And when the threat from Angmar allready appeared too strong, only two days ago, Thraindir spotted the silouette of a dragon in the eveningsky. The enemy is strong. I fear for the entire realm father. Bree will fall before next winter if nothing happens!

And, at last: The White Hand and Saruman are connected somehow! We know for sure that some orcs have been using his name as a battlecry. We have spoken with a Ranger that has a strong understanding of Black Speech as he calls their language, and he is certain there is no word "Saruman" in their vocabulary. That he would be their master is not likely but that there is a link between them has been established. I take this up last but not least because we have no confirmation of what the link consists of. Take outmost care and send word to the King if you see fit.

We will leave Esteldin tonight for the elven realm Rivendell where we now believe we will finally find Strider. I am sure he will have more information regarding the White Hand. And regarding Sarumans place in all of this. Hopefully I will manage to avoid meeting the fools in robes or get an elven arrow in my eye, allthough I am not tntirely sure about the latter. I will report in again as soon as I find Strider. I should also add that I have honored Thraindir with a halbard and he is now a full Captain of Westfold. Alltough my Eored is only seven, instead of one hundered and twenty, man strong, I need a captain. Send me his blessing should you accept him as such.

Until then know I do my outmost to honor You and your realm.

Your loyal blood

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